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Five HAVER-ROTO-PACKER® lines and dispatch systems for Ciments Du Sahel, Senegal

Ultramodern and environmentally friendly technology for the Senegalese cement industry

Haver & Boecker, Oelde/Germany, is especially pleased about a large order from Senegal. Due to a great demand for cement in Senegal and its neighbouring countries, Ciments Du Sahel company, one of two cement companies in Senegal, has decided to expand its facilities by adding a second production line to its Kirne plant, located 65 kilometres southeast of Dakar. Also, by using the added capacity from this new expansion, the company wishes to enhance its international position in national and international markets. The existing kiln line is laid out for an annual capacity of 600,000 tonnes. Most recently an additional 8-spout HAVER ROTO-PACKER® with complete electrical system and installation equipment has been delivered for this existing kiln line.

The new kiln line, expected to go into operation in 2009, will allow a production capacity of 3600 tonnes of clinker per day. As part of the plant expansion, Haver & Boecker has received an order for five HAVER-ROTO-PACKER® systems, partly with automatic empty bag applicator, and one Big Bag filling station. And to attain the highest possible levels of quality assurance and production transparency, Les Ciments Du Sahel has opted to install check weighers with the belt conveyor system that are coupled with a HAVER DPS (Data Protocol System) statistical weight evaluation for providing an attestable weight guarantee.

Also included in the order is the HAVER CEDISS Control, a dispatch system that manages loading and unloading of trucks at the cement plant. In addition, Haver & Boecker’s daughter company IBAU HAMBURG is also involved with the task of expanding capacity with two large cement silos.

Ciments Du Sahel, like Haver & Boecker, is a private company with a sound strategy for the future and has the desire to work in a highly organised and efficient manner using up-to-date, high performance technology, and thus make a significant contribution to the environmental protection and economic development of this African country. Quality of equipment, and also for its own products, is the top priority for Ciments Du Sahel. Service at the customer’s site, with prompt delivery is at the forefront for this African cement company.

The HAVER CEDISS Control system will play an important role in the company reaching its stated targets. Using transponder cards (ID Card System) trucks will be registered at the plant entrance and exit. Included in the first phase of the expansion are two plant entrances and exits with a total of eight cargo vehicle weighers. In the second phase, the truck loading machines and the operating terminals for loose material loading are installed, where the truck drivers must identify themselves using the transponder tag in order to receive the correct product with the correct weight. Through direct communication between the HAVER CEDISS Control dispatch system and the HAVER-ROTO-PACKER® lines and loading machines, it is possible to prevent any manipulation of shipping data.

All steps between the plant entrance and plant exit are recorded on the server and stored in a databank. A statistical evaluation of the shipping data and supplemental evaluation of production data in the second phase of plant expansion will deliver transparency and improved shipping quality. All shipping data will be automatically transmitted to the overriding ERP system for billing, etc.

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The company Ciments Du Sahelm in Senegal decided to expand its facilities by

adding a second production line to its Kirne plant. Haver & Boecker, Germany

has received a large order for five HAVER-ROTO-PACKER® lines, a Big Bag

filling station and a dispatch system.


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