Gough Bucket Elevators

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Gough Bucket Elevators

Flexible and space efficient bucket elevators provide a very efficient system for the combined horizontal and vertical conveying of bulk products, such as fish feed. The system ensures careful handling as the product remains undisturbed from inlet to outlet with no change of product form, volume or weight. Thus the product is not exposed to any mechanical influence; as is often the case with alternative conveyor types.

The bucket elevator is also a very flexible conveying system, catering to each customer’s individual needs. The inlets and outlets can be placed along the conveyor as required and the length, height and width of the elevator are specifically engineered to maximise the performance of each individual machine. The modular system also allows for a wide selection of construction forms and, in addition, the power consumption of the bucket elevator is much lower than that of the conventional conveying systems.

Buckets are supplied in many different standard sizes. The buckets can be made from a variety of materials, such as mild and stainless steel or polypropylene, depending upon the type of product to be conveyed and machines can operate between temperatures that range from -25˚C to 250˚C.

The food processing sector is a very important market for Gough & Co. (Engineering) Ltd., whose elevators are also employed to convey cornflakes, peanuts, crips and innumerable other foodstuffs, as the gentle operation of the system ensures that goods are not damaged during transport. The elevators are also suitable for the transportation of non-food products like seeds and wooden pellets or abrasive products, such as fly ash, coal, gravel or crushed marble.

Numerous Options

Your bucket elevator will be created uniquely for the job it has to do and this enables Gough & Co. to offer a range of specially designed add-ons that will enhance the performance and efficiency of the elevator. Available customisations include:

• A newly developed product dispenser. This ensures optimum distribution in the buckets, a gentle handling of the product and prevents unnecessary product waste.

• An automatic chain lubrication system which is installed to ensure lower power consumption, less noise and increased reliability.

As a standard feature, the elevators are equipped with an automatic chain tension adjuster. This ensures a constant optimum chain tension and lowers maintenance costs.

Why Choose a Gough Bucket Elevator?

• Gentle, quiet and reliable conveying

• Space-efficient and flexible

• Energy saving with a low power consumption

• Optimum and simple capacity control

• Minimum maintenance required

• 24 hour telephone service

• 70 years experience.

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