Shiploader for VALE at Puerto Bayovar

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The shiploader supplied by TAIM WESER for the Brazilian firm, VALE, began operations this past August at the new phosphate plant in Bayovar (Peru), the largest phosphate reserve in South America.

On August 5, the President of Peru, Alan Garca, officially launched the Bayovar phosphate plant in Sechura (Piura). The plant, which will be the largest phosphate production facility in South America, was built by the Brazilian company, VALE, through its Peruvian subsidiary, Miski Mayo, and represents an investment of 5.66 billion dollars. Production is expected to reach one million tons of phosphoric rock during the first year and to increase to a volume of 3.9 million tons a year in the future.

Prior to the inauguration of the new plant, TAIM WESER completed the assembly, start-up and load testing of the fully automated facility constructed by the company for this major project. The project includes the installation of conveyor belts and a 3,500 t/h capacity ship loader for the Bayovar Port Terminal, a newly constructed port located 4 kilometers from the plant, which forms part of the facility and will be reserved for the private use of the plant. The greatest challenge faced by the company was the need to build the project from the ground up, in a desert environment and with no existing port facilities. TAIM WESER has once again been able to demonstrate its capacity to adapt to all the conditions and requirements set forth by its clients.

The successful completion of the project places TAIM WESER in an especially favorable position for the expansion project announced by VALE President, Mr. Agnelli, during the opening ceremony to which TAIM WESER was invited to attend. The expansion project will begin in the next 18 months and represents an additional investment of 3 billion dollars.

It is important to note that this facility once again underlines the significant presence and importance of TAIM WESER in the South American markets, where the company has previously built large facilities in Brazil, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Chile, Argentina and Venezuela, among others. At the present time, Peru represents a strategic market for TAIM WESER, due to the growth of its mining sectors and port facilities, associated with the export of raw materials.

High technology via TAIM WESER

The TAIM WESER facility at the Bayovar phosphate plant has been designed to transport and load phosphate onto large sized ships, with a capacity of 20,000 to 75,000 DWT.

The installation goes from the ground up to the dock by means of a pipe conveyor measuring 480 meters in length. Once it reaches the dock, it tips the material onto a 183.72 m conveyor belt that runs parallel to the edge of the dock. After that, the tripper, which has a length of 162 meters, tips it onto the conveyor belt that takes it up to the loader. The equipment is designed for a 0.8 to 0.053 mm grain size and 1.4-1.6 t/m3 material density.

Operations are controlled by state-of-the-art technology. Loading and other movements can be handled either from the control room or by radio control. The machinery is equipped with its own PLC and features the most advanced safety and control devices, including collision detectors, level sensors, anemometer, limit switches, etc.

TAIM WESER is a Spanish company specialising in high-technology turnkey projects. With installations in 58 countries and over 100 years’ experience, TAIM WESER is a global organisation that designs industrial process optimisation solutions within a framework of sustainability and respect for the environment. The sectors in which we operate include material handling, lifting equipment, waste treatment and renewable energy.

Company headquarters are located in Saragossa (Spain), in a 64,000 m2 facility with a gross floor area of 23,500 m2, which is used for production processes. Our company also has a central office in Bad Oeynhausen, in Germany, and a branch office in Saar Louis.

Based on our proprietary technology and patents, TAIM WESER has become an international paradigm with a presence in the most important world markets, standing for excellence in management. TAIM WESER is fully committed to innovation and technology, to our people, to total quality, and to our competitive approach. These values, along with our extensive experience, allow us to gain an in-depth knowledge of the sectors in which we operate, thereby enabling us to find solutions to all of our clients’ needs.

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