MagnaDrive at Bristol Port, U.K.

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Bristol Port Company, Bristol, Avon, U.K.

Engineers from Bristol Port contacted MagnaDrive to investigate the possible retrofit of a ‘new’ coupling type to resolve major issues they were experiencing on a critical 300 kW ship to dock grain unloading conveyor.

In 2003 the Bristol Port Engineering Department under took a major overhaul of this highly critical grain unloading conveyor crucial to their operations. This conveyor was originally supplied with a standard fill hydraulic fluid coupling connecting the motor to a speed reducing gearbox.

Hydraulic oil filled couplings require regular service and carried the continuous risk of a hydraulic fluid leakage or overload thermal plug complete oil release with disastrous consequences in respect of this food product/grain conveyor. Spare parts for the hydraulic fluid coupling included replacement fusible plugs and a large quantity of hydraulic oil.

Following a short period of technical presentations, consultations and discussions the Bristol Port Company gave the go ahead for the installation of a MagnaDrive FGC 25.0S Coupling. Towards the end of 2003 a MagnaDrive FGC 25.0S soft start coupling was retrofitted to the existing conveyor application with no modifications to the existing machinery positioning.

bristol port magnadrive

Bristol Port MagnaDrive

To this day this day the MagnaDrive FGC 25.0S coupling has functioned perfectly with zero maintenance or operational concerns, no wear and no spare parts are stocked or required. Other than the occasional glance through a small inspection window in the coupling guard no other maintenance work has been carried out on this coupling a feature that Bristol Port are extremely pleased with. After a full 7 years of operation the coupling guard was fully removed to show this MagnaDrive to other interested parties and to take the above photograph.

This MagnaDrive coupling has also helped to extend the life of the connected equipment through its soft starting and none contact features and though not documented this coupling will have returned an energy cost saving over the larger and heavier fluid type coupling it replaced.

Just one of the many applications solved by MagnaDrive Coupling technology, please see our website for many more.

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