HAVER-FFS Fills Natural Stones

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Pilot project: Filling natural stones using the HAVER-FFS machine

Recently HAVER & BOECKER carried out a pilot project in Kaisheim, Bavaria at the Gandl Natursteine GmbH company. It was the first time a HAVER-FFS machine was used for filling natural stones.

The family-run company of Gandl trades in natural stones, and processes them. The variety of natural stones is broad: granite, porphyry, quartzite, quartz sandstone, marble, slate, dolomite, shell limestone, basalt and limestone belong to its product range. Now these are being packed by a HAVER FFS Alpha. It’s the heart of the complete packing system. Material feeding is done by a heavy conveyor, followed by washing of the stone. At the end, there’s a robotic palletising unit with film packaging, which includes online printing and a complete pallet gathering lane.

The challenge faced in this system was to generate a concept and a functionality that allowed the fully automatic filling and packing of fine sand, pea-stone, fine gravel and coarse natural stone (up to 60 mm) via selectable sort adjustment. With it, there’s comprehensive film and bag size selection that allows the filling of various premium quality products into transparent film packaging.

Under the lead-management of HAVER & BOECKER and project manager Sebastian Südhoff, the family-owned machine builder in Oelde, Westphalia developed together with film manufacturer RKW and BEUMER a packaging concept that fulfils the highest demands for this new market segment.

Customer requirements for greater flexibility, ease of operation and optimum packaging quality were fulfilled to the fullest extent.

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At Gandl Natursteine GmbH company in Bavaria, natural stone is automatically filled and packed into film packaging by a HAVER FFS machine.


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