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Transporting and Loading Bulk Materials

Written by Davies, P. edited by mhd on 9. Oct. 2023
Background details, basic design criteria, operational constraints and performance of two major materials handling installations are presented. The 18.8 km aerial rope way installed by BRECO for the Calcimine Company, Iran and which runs over very rugged mountainous terrain which for the early part of the year is covered with deep snow, solved certain severe bulk materials handling problems which due to the extreme weather conditions made transportation by conventional means a virtual impossibility. The aerial rope way currently provides a simple cost effective, continuously operational solution.

The Hunterston ship loader supplied by BRECO is the largest of its kind in the UK, being 43 m high and weighing 425 t, and incorporates a number of special features designed with functional economy in mind. Jetty length is reduced by excluding the orthodox trailing tripper and there is no requirement for separate bucket elevators. The ship loader also incorporates other novel design features which are detail.

With much of world industry in recession, engineering companies are not having an easy time and competition is sharper than ever, especially for any high-value contracts on offer in bulk materials handling. It follows therefore that tendering companies looking for an edge over international competitors must not only be cost conscious and have all the essential technical expertise; they must put themselves squarely in the position of their potential customer and make his problems their own.

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