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Pulse Phase Conveying — A Review of the First Ten Years

Written by Burgess, G. edited by mhd on 10. Jan. 1981
This paper traces the development of the pulse phase conveying concept from the initial research and development work undertaken at Warren Spring Laboratory, England, in the late 1960s to the present day universal application of the techniques and principles. 'Pulse Phase Conveying" will be familiar to those associated with the transport of bulk solids in pipe lines. Much has been written over the last ten years, encouraging the use of the system as an economical method of moving powders and stressing the low energy advantages of this unique form of pneumatic conveying.

Certainly the advantages, particularly from the point of view of energy input, are more valid in the 1980s than they were when the system was first launched in the early 1970s and it is interesting to relate what the process was designed to do originally, what progress it has made in the anticipated directions, and where it has exceeded or fallen short of these hopes. Figs. 1 and 2 detail the pulse phase concept.

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