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LOULIS MILLS project in Toshevo | Modular Bulk Handling & Automated Production Control

Edited by mhd on 21. Sep. 2022
A success story two times awarded with the GOLD and SILVER Manufacturing Award 2020. A quick tour inside LOULIS MILLS production plant in Toshevo Bulgaria. Fully automated bulk handling systems designed, constructed and installed by ACMON SYSTEMS and the TracePro software suite is installed by ACMON DATA along with print and apply systems to provide automated recording of the produced products to maximize the production processes. All the conveying systems were constructed by ICON SYSTEMS.

LOULIS MILLS is currently active in Greece and Bulgaria with four state of the art production plants at Sourpi, Keratsini, Thiva and Toshevo, occupying the 1stposition in the Greek Flour Industry in terms of milling, sales and technology. The state of the art technology employed by LOULIS MILLS provides its customers with over 170 varieties of flour, thus ensuring the widest product range that is ideal for meeting all the demands of the professional baker.

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