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HELIOS Systems: Discharging Station OKTOMAT SOS for Oktabins/BigBags

Edited by mhd on 27. Oct. 2023
Suitable for all container types. The lifting ring can be attached both to big bag loops and to plastic liners and the system can be easily adjusted from low to high bags.

The OKTOMAT® system solves material flow difficulties with common bulk material bags in industrial processes such as:

  • Octabin
  • Gaylord Boxes
  • Super Sacks
  • all bags with plastic liners
  • BigBags
  • all bags with loops
  • Pallet cage, etc.

with plastic liners.

  • Suitable for all materials

All kinds of freely flowing materials can be removed by means of vibrating suction head. Even regrind, powders, fibre and other difficult cases are possible. The suction head will balance itself in the material, loosening clusters by vibration. By means of the vibrating suction head the bulk material is loosened and can flow towards the suction area.

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