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Flexicon: IBC Discharger for Low Headroom Areas

Edited by mhd on 3. Aug. 2017
Whitstable, United Kingdom

When lowered into position, the tapered outlet of the IBC’s butterfly discharge valve mates with a gasketed receiving ring on the lid of a surge hopper, allowing opening of the valve and discharging of material with no dusting.

Flexicon’s IBC Discharger raises and positions rigid Intermediate Bulk Containers without the use of a forklift, makes a dust-tight connection to a surge hopper available with outlets to charge a flexible screw conveyor (shown), tubular cable conveyor or pneumatic conveying system.

The surge hopper is available with an integral flexible screw conveyor, tubular cable conveyor or pneumatic conveying system also produced by the company.The purpose-built stainless steel IBC hopper frame measures 914 mm square by 965 mm high and includes two swivel and two rigid castors with brakes. Quick-release clamps secure the hinged hopper lid during transport and discharge of material.

The portable IBC is fitted with eye bolts for connection to the lifting cradle, and inverted cradle cups that centre the tapered outlet cone of a butterfly valve within the gasketed receiving ring of the surge hopper.

A port on the lid of the surge hopper is vented to a BAG-VAC dust collector that puts the sealed system under negative pressure, preventing displaced air and dust from entering the plant atmosphere.All material contact surfaces of the system are of stainless steel with the exception of the flexible screw conveyor’s polymer outer tube.

The stainless steel surge hopper with gasketed receiving ring is vented to a BAG-VAC™ dust collection system that puts the sealed system under vacuum, preventing the escape of displaced air and dust.

The company also manufactures bulk bag dischargers, pneumatic conveyors, flexible screw conveyors, tubular cable conveyors, bulk bag conditioners, bulk bag fillers, bag dump stations, drum/box/container tippers, weigh batching and blending systems, and engineered plant-wide bulk handling systems with automated controls.

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