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Flexicon: Ultra-Heavy-Duty Bulk Bag Filler with Integral Conveyor

Edited by mhd on 13. Jun. 2019
Whitstable, United Kingdom
Self-contained, ultra-heavy-duty Bulk Bag Filling System from Flexicon fills bulk bags with abrasives, high-density solids and other difficult-to-handle bulk materials encountered in mining, glass, ceramics and other demanding applications.

The filler is equipped with fill head height adjustment to accommodate all popular bag sizes, pneumatically retractable bag hooks and an inflatable connector to seal the bag inlet spout. A feed chute outlet port can be supplied with a filter sock for dust-free air displacement during filling, or vented to an optional BAG-VAC dust collector or the plant's bag house.The FLEXICON® conveyor consists of a steel outer tube with a rugged flexible screw that self-centres as it rotates, preventing material from grinding between the screw and tube wall, while eliminating the need for a bearing at the intake end. Since the screw is driven at its upper end beyond the discharge point, material contact with seals or bearings is eliminated.Once the operator attaches the bag straps and activates the inflatable spout seal, all functions are automatic. The conveyor runs at full rate as the filler's vibratory deck cycles on and off to densify and stabilise the material. Load cells transmit weight gain data to the PLC, which slows the conveyor rotation to trickle-feed rate, stops the conveyor once the bag has gained its target weight, and releases the bag straps, enabling a forklift to remove the palletised bag.Options are available for human-machine interfaces with touch screens and graphic representations of equipment inputs and outputs, customised by application.The company also offer REAR-POST bulk bag fillers for pass-through roller conveying, and SWING-DOWN® fillers which additionally pivot the fill head to the operator at floor level for the fastest and safest bag connections.Other bulk handling equipment manufactured by the company includes bulk bag conditioners, bulk bag dischargers, bag dump stations, drum/box/container tippers, tubular cable conveyors, pneumatic conveying systems, weigh batching/blending systems and automated plant-wide bulk handling systems. 

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