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Extending a Helping Hand – Dunlop Conveyor Belting launch new Conveyor Belt App

Edited by mhd on 8. Feb. 2021
Drachten, Netherlands

The App also contains full details of the Dunlop product range as well as a huge library of reference documents such as technical bulletins and splice manuals.

Announcing the launch of Belt Buddy, sales & marketing director Andries Smilda declared “Dunlop Belt Buddy is a first for our industry and I am absolutely certain that it will prove to be a fantastic tool for our customers and future customers. We have always said that when you buy Dunlop you get a lot more than just top quality conveyor belts and the Belt Buddy App proves that to be 100% true”.  “Providing the best and most honest technical support and guidance is part of our tradition. It always has been. Conveyor belt technology is surprisingly complex but most belt manufacturers and suppliers try to play that down so that they can focus on selling lots of belting at crazy low prices to often unsuspecting end-users”.  

Dunlop’s head of application engineering, Rob van Oijen, shares Smilda’s obvious enthusiasm for Belt Buddy. “Conveyors rarely only operate 9 to 5 and a great many are literally in constant motion. One of the reasons why we have developed this App to allow our customers access to technical calculations and other crucial information regardless of the time of day or their location. The whole idea is to help them achieve the best performance and longest, most reliable working life from their conveyor belts. I think Belt Buddy will prove to be an invaluable tool to anyone who is involved with conveyors”.

To access Dunlop Belt Buddy open the AppStore on iOS or PlayStore on Android and search for 'belt buddy’.

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