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Dinnissen Process Technology introduces Multisize Sample Carousel

Edited by mhd on 28. Jan. 2021
Sevenum, Netherlands

The Multisize Sample Carousel collects up to 20 samples in different shapes, without human intervention. The innovation can be seamlessly integrated into new and existing production lines and reduces downtime to a minimum. Dinnissen Process Technology works with the customer to draw up a sampling plan to create the most efficient sampling process possible, tailored to each customer's specific situation. More information about this sampling innovation can be found on the Dinnissen Process Technology website.

A customer-driven Innovation

Together with its customers, Dinnissen Process Technology is continuously innovating production processes to maximize output and minimize downtime. Particularly in the sampling process, there was still time to be saved. That is why Dinnissen, together with a customer, took up the challenge of further automating this process. For years, Dinnissen Process Technology has been known internationally as an organization that sees problems as possible solutions. This attitude has been the origin of many innovations.

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