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Brilon, Germany

This year, REMBE will once again exhibit the entire range of its products - Made in Germany. But that's not what the focus is on. With "Consulting. Engineering. Products. Service.” as a truly practiced distinguishing characteristic, the team of Dr.-Ing. Johannes Lottermann visits industrial plants around the world, tests the safety concept within the scope of safety scans and, if desired, creates a safety concept which accommodates all applicable regulations, and also provides full compliance. The complete product portfolio allows the engineers to offer an Explosion Safety which is optimized for the respective application, and ranges from preventive all the way up to protective measures."We are constantly working on the further development of our products, which is why we are the first choice for our customers," says Roland Bunse, who has been with REMBE since the early 90s, and has recently been promoted as Managing Director of REMBE Research + Technology Center GmbH (RTC).RTC's services have so far been offered by REMBE GmbH Safety + Control, but the demand for strength tests, proof of appropriate design and pressure tests has become so high that a separate company has been established. Due to confidentiality constraints, Mr. Bunse can not really say much about the tests carried out so far: "Our customers are from a wide range of industries. In most cases, the work concerns completely new media for which of the common key figures do not exist yet, or new applications that are not yet covered in the standards. In order to maintain a proven reliable but also economic Explosion Safety in such cases, it is recommended to conduct tests under controlled conditions, which are also accompanied by professionals. That is precisely what the customers will receive from us. And anyone who is aware of the turnaround time of the designated entities, of which there are unfortunately too few, should preferably come to RTC."At the REMBE booth, the engineers will demonstrate how their products are used in practice: On filters, silos and elevators. Three typical plant components of the bulk material industry.And because standstill is equal to backlog, there are also some new developments, among others in the field of flameless venting devices. This technology has already been invented by REMBE with the Q-Rohr in the 80s. Significantly involved: Roland Bunse. "At POWTECH, we are introducing a product that will set new standards. You will be absolutely amazed." Says the explosion safety professional, who has been a permanent member of a wide range of specialist committees and standardization committees for Explosion Safety.

Fig. 2: with a new product which will be launched at POWTECH, REMBE will enlarge the family of flameless venting devices. Here: Q-Rohr and Q-Box

As in previous years, the team around Roland Bunse will be demonstrating what is important for the Explosion Safety of industrial plants during the hosted live demonstrations.

Fig. 3: A firm part of POWTECH for many years: Live explosion demonstration, hosted by Roland Bunse

You will find REMBE GmbH Safety + Control in Hall 3, booth 3-244, and the REMBE Research + Technology Center directly opposite at booth 3-146. REMBE Kersting GmbH will also be exhibiting its range of samplers and measuring technology at booth 3-246.About REMBEREMBE a global specialist for Explosion Safety and pressure relief. The company offers customers cross-industry safety concepts for systems and equipment. All products are manufactured in Germany, and meet the demands of national and international regulations. The customers who purchase REMBE products are among the market leaders of various industries, including the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and wood industries.The technical engineering expertise is based on more than 40 years of application and project experience. As an independent, owner-managed family company, REMBE combines expertise with highest degree of quality, and is also actively engaged in various professional bodies worldwide. Short alignment routes enable the achievement of quick responses and customer-specific solutions for any kind of application: from the standard product, all the way up to high-tech special designs.

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