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Verder Group acquires Formulaction

Edited by mhd on 11. May 2023
Haan, GermanyOn May 10, 2023, the Verder Group announced the acquisition of Formulaction S.A. of France. As part of the group’s Scientific Division Formulaction will be integrated into Microtrac MRB, a leading manufacturer of Particle Characterization Systems.

Gerard Meunier, CEO of Formulaction (left) and Andries Verder, owner of the Verder Group (right)
Gerard Meunier, CEO of Formulaction (left) and Andries Verder, owner of the Verder Group (right)

Formulaction is a recognized innovator in the field of laboratory equipment for analyzing Dispersion Stability & Shelf Life, Curing and Drying processes and Rheology. The addition of Formulaction to the Microtrac MRB portfolio will create a comprehensive suite of instrumentation for materials characterization practitioners. This merger adds Formulaction’s TURBISCAN, CURINSCAN, FLUIDICAM and RHEOLASER product lines to Microtrac’s established, leading portfolio of brands including SYNC Laser Diffraction, NANOTRAC Dynamic Light Scattering, CAMSIZER Dynamic Image Analysis and BELSORP Gas Adsorption Analysis.

Microtrac MRB’s and Formulaction’s combined technologies provide the widest portfolio of particle and material characterization solutions, offering both companies access to new markets and opportunities in

  • Particle Size and shape from 0.3nm to 135mm,
  • Surface and Pore Size Distribution using both Physi- and Chemisorption,
  • Catalyst Analysis
  • Porosity and Density measurements
  • Dispersion Stability and Zeta Potential Analysis
  • Curing and Drying Analysis
  • Rheological Properties

CEO of Formulaction, Gerard Meunier says, “since its creation Formulaction has been at the forefront of technical innovation in helping scientists to directly assess key properties of their materials from early development to final product design or “End Use Properties”. The integration of the Formulaction product portfolio into Microtrac MRB opens huge opportunities for the expanded group to provide added value to customers in their pursuit of innovative product development by delivering high- quality solutions.”

Verder CEO, Andries Verder states, “We have been witnessing the development of Formulaction for years and are impressed with the technology and the agility of the team. The addition of the people and products from Formulaction is an important building block in our drive to enable the progress for our customers in the world of particle characterization.”

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