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4B Braime: Remote Sensor Monitoring Interface for PLC’s & Automation Systems

Edited by mhd on 26. Nov. 2020
Leeds, United Kingdom
The 4B Braime IE-NODEs are equipped with an RJ45 Ethernet socket and support PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, and Modbus TCP/IP protocols for easy integration.

The units are equipped with an RJ45 Ethernet socket and supports PROFINET, EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP/IP protocols for easy integration with Siemens, Allen-Bradley Rockwell, Modicon and other PLC’s or automation devices.

The IE-NODE is available in two versions, both with a total of 10 sensor inputs. Version 1 has 8 contact or NTC temperature inputs, and 2 pulse or 4-20 mA (current loop) inputs. Version 2 has 10 inputs for 4-20 mA (current loop) sensors.

Both units can be expanded to 16 sensor inputs with the installation of optional expansion boards

The IE-NODE’s network configurator software provides a visual view of all devices on the network. It allows for easy identification of each unit on the network and allows for network settings to be changed as needed.

Network diagram

The following 4B sensors are compatible with the IE-NODE (version dependent):

  • Temperature (Bearing & Surface)

    • ADB Series (NTC Type)
    • Milli-Temp Series (4-20 mA)
  • Belt Misalignment

    • Touchswitch (Contact)
    • Rub Block (NTC Type)
  • Belt Speed & Slip -

    • Milli-Speed Switch (4-20 mA)
    • P300 Proximity Sensor (Pulse)
    • P800 Proximity Sensor (Pulse)
    • M800 Elite Speed Switch (Pulse). 

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