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Siwertell Road-Mobile Unloader ordered for US Fly Ash Operations

Edited by mhd on 28. Jun. 2024
Bjuv, SwedenBruks Siwertell has secured an order for a next-generation Siwertell 5 000 S road-mobile ship unloader to support the environment-friendly handling of fly ash for an American operator. It is destined for service in the port of Houston, Texas, promising to deliver highly efficient, reliable fly ash ship unloading with minimal dust emissions and zero spillage.

“This operator is looking to capitalize on the distinct advantages that our Siwertell road-mobile technology can deliver to very dusty dry bulk handling sectors, such as fly ash,” notes Jörgen Ojeda, Sales Director Mobile Unloaders, Bruks Siwertell. “Houston is a key port for the region’s construction industry, and this new unloader will be in good company.

“We have a number of similar units and large-scale Siwertell ship unloaders already serving the port for many years, as well as more widely across the country, and numerous global installations in the cement and fly ash industry,” Ojeda continues.

“Siwertell road-mobile unloaders are unchallenged in terms of flexibility, capacity, and efficiency, both in terms of unloading capacity and operational costs,” he adds. “We have secured many US references in recent years. This, and our operational track records, probably influenced the customer’s decision in choosing Siwertell road-mobile technology, with the contract won in direct competition with other available systems.”

The next-generation road-mobile mobile ship unloader is scheduled for delivery to the operator in mid-2024, fully assembled and tested from Bruks Siwertell’s premises in Bjuv, Sweden. It will discharge fly ash from smaller barges, up to 5,000 dwt, at a rated capacity of between 200 and 225t/h, ensuring an efficient, totally enclosed conveying line to minimize dust emissions and eliminate spillage. 

Next-generation units meet the highest environmental regulations, in terms of exhaust and sound emissions. They have advanced electrical systems that employ fieldbus-based technology; a user interface with touchscreen technology; and a four-color graphic operating display panel. They also feature innovative digital solutions, enabling remote monitoring and service support. 

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