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Bruks Siwertell: New Ship Loader to handle Sulfur Prills in the US Gulf Coast Region

Edited by mhd on 9. Sep. 2019
Bjuv, Sweden
The new Siwertell ship loader will be used for loading prilled sulfur at a rated capacity of up to 1200 tph. (Picture: © Bruks Siwertell)

According to Bruks Siwertell, the new rail-travelling loader is ideal for terminals where space is at a premium, as it is capable of filling every hold on a ship without requiring the vessel to move along its berth. It will be used for loading prilled sulfur into ship holds at a rated capacity of up to 1200 tph.Martin Operating Partnership, owned by Martin Midstream Partnership, handles various sulfur cargoes. The prilled sulfur, often used for agricultural applications, can be stored and loaded in open air; however, minimizing sulfur dust emissions was a key concern for the company.The fully-enclosed ship loader’s conveyors, as well as its dust suppression systems, ensures environmental protection.“At Bruks Siwertell, we handle sulfur under many conditions and in different climates,” Mr Upchurch notes. “While we obviously build to order, the foundation of our robust, reliable designs is their ability to withstand demanding operating conditions and also to handle cargoes without damage and spillage.”The new machine is scheduled for delivery as early as January 2020 and will support the company’s expanding sulfur services in the US Gulf Coast region.“There can be no greater endorsement than repeat business,” says Ken Upchurch, Vice President Sales and Marketing, Bruks Siwertell Americas. “Martin Operating Partnership returns to Bruks Siwertell as a trusted and reliable partner, and we are delighted to renew our strong 15-year business relationship with them.“This trusted position, our proven technological capabilities and our commitment to deliver the loader within the space of nine months were all factors that secured the contract,” he adds.

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