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Herding® OMIKRON – The free adaptable Sinter-Plate Filter

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Amberg, GermanyThe new Herding® OMIKRON element is a washable and sterilizable unibody filter element made of polyethylene for pure surface filtration. It is food-compliant according to the FDA and the European directives and future-oriented free of PFAS. The special feature is, that the geometry and the connection of the sintered rigid-body filter elements are freely adaptable.

Due to their parametric design, they can be precisely tailored to any application and can thus be integrated into existing system components, as well. The Herding® OMIKRON filter element has the unique properties of the classic Herding® Sinter-Plate Filter and at the same time enables customers to adapt the filter element to their specific requirements.

Properties and Benefits

Herding® OMIKRON – Free adaptable filter (Source: Herding GmbH Filtertechnik)
Herding® OMIKRON – Free adaptable filter (Source: Herding GmbH Filtertechnik)

Herding uses the freedom in design of additive processes to free the proven Herding® Sinter-Plate Filter technology from its geometric restrictions by means of completely new molding shape systems. 

This results in a variety of benefits: The Herding® OMIKRON filter element now allows pure surface filtration even with small volume flows. It is possible to optimize the filter shapes and filter surfaces individually to suit the respective customer process, fit filters exactly into existing installation spaces, and manufacture suitable connection interfaces to the customers’ existing system technology. The filters and their microporous surface coating are made of the same material. They are rigid, robust and easily washable and sterilizable. This allows them to be optimally adapted to the hygiene requirements of the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Durable Solutions for Food Applications

Strict hygiene requirements in the food and pharmaceutical industries often make it necessary to replace disposable filters made of paper or textile on a regular basis to prevent bacterial growth.

Herding® OMIKRON can be washed or sterilized after product contact or when the product is changed and can be used repeatedly in the process in a germ-free manner. Operating and disposal costs are thus reduced considerably. The fiber-free sintered unibody enables contamination-free product recovery, for example in pneumatic conveying or in industrial dust extraction systems.

Pure Surface Filtration ever since

The Herding® filtration technology is based on pure surface filtration and sustainably protects man and machine from harmful production emissions, enables absolute sorts- and contamination-free recovery and thus directly increases productivity. Lowest clean gas values, absolutely constant operating conditions, maximum availability and energy efficiency are the central features of the innovative technology.

Herding® filter media have enormously long service lifetimes and, depending on the process, achieve service lives of more than 15 years. Their use thus makes a valuable contribution to environmental protection and sustainability. In almost all industrial sectors, Herding® filter media have proven themselves for decades in effective and safe particle separation. And with Herding® OMIKRON, these properties can now be used with low volume flows as well.

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