Ecutec SMW Pin Mills

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ecutec Barcelona S.L.

SMW Pin Mills

On the SMW pin mill both sets of pin discs are driven, either in the same or in opposite directions


The feed material is introduced in-between the two pin discs which are either contra rotating or one is fixed depending on the application. The robust welding construction of the machine body stands for long lifetimes.

The airflow through the mill helps guaranteeing the grinding quality, material temperature and pneumatic transport.

The access and maintenance on this machine is very easy and fast operation.

Materials and Processes

For all soft and medium hard materials up to 3 Mohs

For fine grinding and de-agglomeration applications

Suitable for cryogenic grinding and coating applications. The pin-mill is part of Ecutec’s own designed coating plant with stearic acid.

Can be alternative to ball mill in case the products needs to have less fines content.

Features and Benefits:

For grinding as well as for de-agglomeration

2 independently working pin discs

Tip-speeds of more than 200 m/s

Relative speed more than 240 m/s

Reliable and robust design

Easy maintenance

Available in stainless steel or with heat insulation

Wide range of sizes.

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