Sales Manager for USA and Canada

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Essential Functions ( Responsibilities )

The Sales Manager (SM) will be the interface between the Magaldi Group and its clients and partners in the USA and Canada, and lead the sales and commercial support activities of the Magaldi Group. The SM will be managing market planning, sales promotions and customer interactions and shall set strategy for reaching new markets for the Magaldi Group’s products.

Primary responsibilities include :

· Providing the requisite liaison between clients and the Magaldi Group offices and their sales partners for technical & commercial activities

· Cultivating and maintaining customer relationships with existing clients and partners, and developing new opportunities and clients

· Leading a technical office to prepare proposals, basic design and system layout drawings, then presenting and selling proposals to prospective / existing clients

· Providing technical and commercial service assistance to existing clients

· Investigating local competitors and developing sales strategy to acquire customers over them

Qualifications / Requirements :

· Engineering degree required

· Experience in Marketing & Sales

· Demonstrated customer interface skills

· Excellent teamwork and communication skills including listening skills

· Demonstrated written & oral presentation skills

· Strong work ethic and ability to work independently

· General PC, MS Office proficiency, CAD experience a plus

· Substantial travel to meet clients and partners


· Mechanical or chemical engineer

· Experience in power generation industry and cement, steel & allied metallurgical industries; preferably in material/ash handling systems

· Experience of working for / with leading engineering consultants and contractors

· Familiarity with contract terms and conditions

· Familiarity with existing pollution control rules & regulations

· Proven track record of leadership skills

Salary & Benefits:

· Full time employment

· Competitive salary

· The SM will be based in the Magaldi Group’s branch office in Cleveland, OH.

· Dynamic and international working environment

Company Profile:

The Magaldi Group of Companies serves the industry worldwide since 1929 with dependable and innovative technologies for the handling of very hot, sharp and abrasive bulk materials. The Magaldi Group has developed and patented its own technologies, of which the main products are:

· The Superbelt steel belt conveyor, first patented in 1972, for the handling of the most difficult hot bulk materials in cement and lime factories, foundries and allied metallurgic industries

· Dry bottom ash handling systems for fossil fuel fired power plants, including the MAC (Magaldi Ash Cooler) system for pulverized coal boilers and the FLUIMAC dry bed ash handling system for fluidized bed combustion boilers

Because of their versatility and dependability, the Magaldi technologies have gained wide recognition around the world.

At present, the Magaldi Group has app. 100 employees and comprises the following companies:

· Magaldi Industrie S.r.l. (Superbelt applications)

· Magaldi Ricerche e Brevetti S.r.l. (Development of Magaldi technologies and patents)

· Magaldi Power S.p.A. (MAC and FLUIMAC applications)

· R.R.S. S.r.l. (Process automation and plant operation)

The Magaldi Group’s headquarters and workshop are in Salerno, Italy, with a USA branch office in Cleveland, OH. In the USA, the Magaldi Group works in close association with Alstom Power, Inc. Customer Service Division and Brunswick Industrial, Inc.

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