Distributor for Flexible Idlers

Posted in: , on 30. Sep. 2003 - 20:18

In Galda, we produce and export rubber made flexible idlers for belt conveyors.

These idlers are used in conveyors transporting bulk material and they are used in different sectors like quarries, mines, fertilizers, salt peach, etc.

They have many advantages in comparison with the traditional steel idler:

1-they are highly corrosion resistant,

2- they don't scrath the belt

3- they guide the belt

4- they center the load

5- self-cleaning effect

6- very easy get pleaced

For more details please visit https://edir.bulk-online.com/profile/9621-galda.htm

We are looking for distributors working in the maintenance of quarries, mines, fertilizers...Being in charge of every part of the belt conveyors of these companies or companies producing or selling parts of the belt conveyor.

We thank you for your interest and please, do not hesitate to contact us for further details.

Galda s.l (Spain)

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