Universal Voltage for Paddel Switches

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With immediate effect, the rotating paddle switches of the renowned series Rotonivo RN3000, RN6000 and RN4000 are available with universal voltage electronics without the requirement for a manual voltage selection jumper.

This means that these level switches can now be used anywhere in the world regardless of the country’s input voltage system, without the need for manual alteration to the paddle switch. The instrument detects the input voltage present and makes the necessary adjustments automatically. Manufacturers and suppliers of storage systems can now order one paddle switch, under one part number, to meet the requirements for all applications in all countries.

...OFFER! By way of introducing this world first universal voltage electrical system, UWT (UK) Ltd. will supply all Rotonivo rotating paddle switches to include universal voltage at no extra cost for all orders placed with UWT (UK) Ltd until 30th June 2011.


•The RN3000/6000 and RN4000 range of switches now run with an internal heating system. As a result of this, the paddle switches are suitable for applications in conditions of down to -40°C.

•The RN3000/6000 and RN4000 range now includes a new adjustable time delay system which allows for customisation of actuation of the switch.

•The sealing between the silo and the switch is now improved by the addition of a flat, rubber gasket which eliminates leakage and the need for PTFE thread tape.

•Negative pressure has now been improved from -0.5 to -0.9 bar in order to make the unit available for all types of production, in all conditions.

Some additional updates and improvements to the RN4000 series include:

•Improved stability and more space within the unit which allows for an easier installation process. Also, the head can now rotate 360º which means it can be turned to meet the power supply.

•The addition of a new fail-safe system

•New generation cover screws to allow easy handling.

•The RN4000 series now includes a shaft seal within the plastic process connector.

•Threads now available with 1’’ (BSP).

•Further options: aluminium sockets with ball bearing, selectable extension length, paddle selection.

•Applications available to -40°C with heating available for CE.

...The Vibranivo Series - UPDATES

•VN1000/2000/5000 and 6000 are now certified for installations within Zone 20 without intrinsically safe electrical supply. This allows the entire unit to be mounted/installed within an ATEX Zone 20 environment.

•The maximum process pressure is now raised to 16 bar which opens up the unit to be used in a vast range of applications.

•The basic version Vibranivo VN4000, designed with a smaller housing, is now usable for versions CE and ATEX. Again, the process pressure is increased to 16bar and the units are certified with ATEX, ICE Ex, GOST Ex and RTN Ex.

UWT is able to provide a comprehensive list of approvals for its products. The following approvals are currently available:



UWT Level Controls is an ISO certified global supplier of premium level control instrumentation. For the past 33 years, UWT has been a full service supplier of point and continuous level control instruments which include rotary paddle bin level indicators, vibrating fork level switches, electromechanical plumb-bob systems, and acoustic wave ultrasonic transmitters.

UWT Level Controls is the leading, worldwide supplier of reliable quality level control solutions via its divisions and distributors in over 40 countries .

With its Head Office in Germany, UWT (UK) Ltd. has been established in the UK to service the needs of the UK markets.

Some of the reasons for choosing UWT (UK) Ltd. were:

•We understand the solids business and its challenges.

•UWT products are suitable for all bulk and solid handling industries.

•We offer custom tailored solutions for special applications.

•UWT offers a high flexibility (short leadtimes, quick solutions).

•All products are 100% tested at each step during production.

•Support & service is just a phone call away.

•Our products are simple to handle, install and maintain.

•The exceptional reliability of the products makes for a cost-effective investment.

•Our focus is the demands of our customer and our high quality product.

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