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Green Energy Savings for Pneumatic Conveying

The Pneumatic Conveying Industry, like most industries, is moving towards “go green” standards. The method in which this industry can accomplish this goal is electrical energy savings or increased “efficiency” of the use of electrical power since generation of electrical power causes some form of pollution.

Plants employing Pneumatic Conveying are large users of electrical energy, and one of the largest draw of electrical energy is the generation of air from the blowers powering the Pneumatic Conveying System. The energy super-suckers in this process are the “blowers” which require electrical horsepower in the hundreds or thousands of total horsepower required in a typical plant. As a result, much attention is being given to see what can be done to increase the efficiency of these large energy using blowers.

Positive Displacement Blowers have been the traditional suppliers of air for conveying. Recently new technology has been introduced in the form of turbo blowers which claim to produce the same amounts of air more efficiently while also giving the advantages of less maintenance and less generated noise. Many of these products have been placed into use with much less than the expected results. At the same time research is being done on how the efficiency of more traditional Positive Displacement blowers can be significantly increased to provide the same energy savings along with varying flows, reduced maintenance and noise levels. If this can be obtained, then the use of this “proven” and “dependable” type of equipment is highly desired.

Universal Blower Pac has developed a blower package that competes favorably with turbo blowers and has been conducting on going case studies to verify efficiency and dependability in different plants. This “screw type” positive displacement blower package, developed with a patent-pending is yielding 25-35% increased efficiency over traditional positive displacement blower packages along with the ability to vary the flow and pressure while still maintaining these high levels of efficiency. Contained in a complete sound enclosure for noise pollution control, this blower package has controls which vary the flow and additional features designed to reduce maintenance.

The new EE-PAC unit fit easily into the existing space previously occupied by a traditional positive displacement package producing even less air. The EE-PAC is significantly quieter and with the “screw type” design, has considerably less vibration and heat rise. With the “push button” controller, the air volume can be easily adjusted with the built in variable speed drive and always supply the correct amount air to the system further increasing the overall efficiency of the application.

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