Niederholz: AIRSCRAPE - Contact Free Conveyor Belt Skirting

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AIRSCRAPE - Contact Free Conveyor Belt Skirting

AirScrape hovers sideways above the conveyor belt without belt contact and uses the suction caused by the movement of the material and the running belt. The airstream pulls air from the outside through the diagonally fitted AirScrape-plates, directing the air to the centre of the belt and thus significantly decreasing the formation of dust at the transfer point and other critical areas in the conveyor chain.


• Dust containing system to eliminate dust ignition (explosion)

• Angled blades orientated in the direction of running belt on both sides of the chute directs the airflow suction to the centre of the belt

• Virtually Maintenance free

• Easy installation on all existing systems

• Easy first Installation

• No blade contact to the belt, no possibility of belt damage

• Virtually no wear and tear

• Material antistatic and self-extinguishing, also available with stainless steel elements and food industry quality

• System length 2 m - short- or extendable






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