MBA presents Digital Rotating Paddle Series MBA800

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Successful presentation of global innovation:

MBA presents Digital Rotating Paddle Series MBA800 at POWTECH 2014

•Patented stepper motor direct drive

•MBA888: cost-effective and maintenance-free plug-and-play version

•Successful on-the-spot sale

The new level measurement series MBA800 of the MBA Instruments GmbH was presented to industry professionals with great interest at the POWTECH trade fair. Whereas a synchronous motor is used for the conventional rotor-measurement, MBA applies a stepper motor for the first time. Especially the entry-level-priced model of the series convinced trade visitors and was already sold in large quantities at the trade fair.


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The advantages of the new MBA800 device series are obvious: It has no return spring, no leaf spring and no conventional slipping clutch and is, thus, prone to only very minor wear and tear. As is standard in stepper motors, power transmission is effected contact-free via magnets. Sensitivity is adjustable and can be adapted to the respective application. Reliable functioning of the device is, thus, no longer dependent upon the size of the blades; the service life of each individual device is significantly increased.

MBA888: the maintenance-free plug-and-play version

The MBA888 device is a special model within the MBA800 series: the first maintenance-free and universally deployable rotor for level measurement. All settings are pre-defined, and an M12 plug connector is used to connect the device – in other words, this is a plug-and-play system. Because of the high degree of standardisation, the MBA888 is more cost-effective than products of other manufacturers whilst being of the same, accustomed quality, thus being especially suited to all standardised applications. The MBA888 device can be equipped with three different wavelengths. The factory pre-set torque and the associated switching behaviour are optimised for use with virtually all bulk solids. The MBA888 is positioned as an entry-level-priced model and is, thus, the most cost-effective and yet technically advanced model on the level switch market.


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SMB International and MBA Instruments: two brands – one idea

The two companies SMB and MBA focus upon the “material handling” segment. The planning, development, manufacture, global distribution and servicing of highly complex, automated loading systems, filling systems, metering technology for fill levels and conductivity, palletisers, pumping systems, compact bearings and ship loaders are components of the product portfolio. The SMB Group has consciously opted for a high degree of in-house manufacturing at its site in Quickborn near Hamburg. This enables customers’ requests to be implemented in a spontaneous, targeted and rapid manner, whilst retaining the same high quality. A proprietary construction facility and the manufacture of mechanical and electrical structural components constitute the basis for the decision to effect a high degree of manufacturing penetration with concomitant assurance in respect of qualitative and delivery timeline reliability. Installation teams and service teams work on domestic and global projects. The distribution network, which has operations worldwide, ensures swift and effective information-sharing and coordination.

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