Eclipse Launch Artemis Metal Detector

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Eclipse Launch Artemis Metal Detection range

Eclipse Magnetics, a leader in contamination separation and removal systems for bulk materials processing, have extended their range with the launch of the Artemis range of metal detectors.

The Artemis range is designed to ensure maximum product integrity combined with durability and ease of operation. With a robust construction the range features different models to suit a multitude of applications.

Artemis GFR is designed for free-fall or gravity fed systems in applications such as powders or granular product. The Artemis TMDP and TMDC ranges are fully integrated systems designed for conveyor fed lines. Ideal for both packaged and unpackaged products they offer a wide range of different tunnel aperture sizes to suit the application.


The new Artemis Metal Detector

The Artemis range features the Interact+ control unit. Interact+ is designed for ease of use and training of operatives. It also has several features for efficient recording, storage and analysis of data e.g. a memory log for 1500 different events and 240 different product types. Interact + also has a built in learn process to compensate for different product characteristics which may affect performance..

To support Artemis, Eclipse Magnetics offer the full range of services such as spares supply and annual servicing. The Eclipse team also offer initial site surveys to as-sess your process line, HACCP policy and offer advice regarding detection and sep-aration systems

The launch of Artemis firmly positions Eclipse as a leader in foreign body removal systems for food processing. Customers can now source a wide range of detection and removal systems to meet HACCP requirements from a single supplier. They can also rely on the support of a dedicated service team.

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