Brief Introduction of Maize Flour Milling Machine

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Today, with the high demand of maize flour food, we are not unfamiliar with the Maize Flour Milling Machine, such as the maize flour milling machine's function, usage and products, because we began use the flour miller to make maize, wheat flour from the ancient times, and use this materials to make delicious food, so we have the special feeling about the maize flour milling machines. What's more, the maize flour milling machine's processed productions is also more nutritious and delicious.

Said here, we already have a good understanding of maize flour milling machine, but do you know the details of how the maize flour milling machine work? And what is the machine’s working processing? Now I will introduce it for you. Generally speaking, when we grinding the maize flour, we should pay more attention to the three points:

First of all, we should strict with the materials: we had better use the full grain, clean, dry, no impurities, no moth eaten of high quality wheat. As the hard truth, good flour makes delicious food. Suitable materials for maize flour milling machine are also an important factor to influence the processing production's quality. In a certain way, suitable material and appropriate operation are a protection for maize flour milling machine. so what materials should we choose?

(1) For silty relatively high rate of corn, the corn’s structure is loose, but also relatively easy to crush, therefore the use of flour milling processing machine for milling is very convenient.

(2) Water containing is also an important factor, the low water containing of maize is more suitable for maize flour milling machine’s processing.

(3) In the milling processing of maize flour milling machine, you had better do not use gluey higher corn, because that corn is very difficult for processing.

Secondly, we should strict with the cleaning tempering: to remove impurities, dry skin two to three times, and make the maize clean and spotless.

Last but not least, we should pay attention to the milling processing of maize flour milling machine, add raw materials before open the machine, and it is forbidden to empty grinding boot. It avoids wearing the maize flour milling machine in a certain way. And then choose the appropriate thickness of the bottom, to ensure the fineness of flour, the general selection of 80-100 mesh. According to your own requirements to master the powder rate, and you will make good use of the maize flour milling machine.

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