Solids Handling Award: Dr. Harold Wright

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London, October 2003 - Harold Wright became the recipient of the IMechE's Solids Handling Award for lifetime achievement in the field of storage, handling, transportation and physical processing of bulk and powdered materials. This Award, which also includes a prize of £250.00, is sponsored by Ajax Equipment Ltd. and was presented by the company's Managing Director Lyn Bates.

This award is made annually by the Bulk Materials Handling Committee of the Britisch Institution of Mechanical Engineers, London to persons of any nationality that have made a valuable contribution to the industry. These worthy winners join a prestigious list of giants and pioneers in the field, such as Andrew Jenike, Jerry Johanson, Alan Roberts, Brian Scarlet, Stan Mason, John Williams, David Walker, Oliver Fyson, Herbert Wilkinson, Mark Jones, Lyn Bates, Ute and Reinhard Wohlbier, and other leading figures from academia and industry.

Harold Wright (PhD, BSc, C Eng, MIMech, Mem ASME) began his career with ten years experience gained with Ashmore Benson Pease/Davy Ashmore, at the time one of the UK's largest plant design contractors. In 1966 he joined BISRA (British Iron & Steel Research Association) as a Senior Scientific Officer in the Raw Materials Handling Section of the newly formed Teesside Research Laboratories. During this time his mentors were Sir Charles Goodeve FRS, Dr George Wistreich DSc and Herbert Wilkinson BSc.

In 1970, under the tutorship of Dr JC Williams, he obtained his PhD from the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Bradford for work relating to the assessment of the bunker/silo design theories of Dr Andrew Jenike.

Seventeen years were spent with BISRA/BSC as a specialist plant engineer solving problems in the areas of belt conveying, crushing, screening & test sieving, segregation, degradation, bunker/silo design and latterly as Head of the Materials Handling at the Teesside Laboratories.

In 1983 he stepped into the world of consulting engineering specialising in giving clients very practical, operations orientated, experience from conceptual design through to commissioning in the field of storage, handling, transport and physical processing of bulk materials. He is the author of over 50 technical papers in the field of bulk handling and processing. Papers and seminars have been given in U.K., Belgium, Peoples Republic of China, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Sweden and USA.

He is an author of 8 ISBN publications covering topics such as (i) Bunker Design, (ii) Flow Aids, (iii) Degradation & Segregation, (iv) Screening & Test Sieving Theory & Practice, (v) Coal Handling and (vi) Rules of Thumb in Bulk Handling.

Over the last 25 years Dr Wright has Chaired the IMechE’s Bulk Materials Handling Committee on three separate occasions and is currently Vice Chairman of the IMechE’s Process Industries Board.

Harold Wright’s specialisation is storage systems and he has been responsible for the design of about £50 million of bunkers, bins, hoppers and silos in the UK and other countries. His database of flow properties extends to over 550 bulk solids and powders ranging from arsenic trioxide to zinc oxide and includes about 200 U.K. and overseas steam and coking coals and a range of biomass materials. Over 170 projects have been successfully completed for over 40 clients in the UK and overseas. (website:-

He was Leader of the BSI’s UK Delegation over the period 1990 – 2000, on the European Union (EU) CEN - TC 148 - WG4 (prEN 617) Standards Committee re: "Continuous handling equipment and systems – Safety and EMC requirements for the equipment for the storage of bulk materials in silos, bunkers, bins and hoppers” (BS EN 617:2001)

At a meeting of the Executive Committee of the Materials Handling Engineers Association ( held on the 25th April 2002, Dr Harold Wright was appointed Secretary of the Association. He has provided technical assistance regarding the planning of the BULK2001, BULK2002 and BULK2003 Technical Awareness Seminars all of which attracted over 80 delegates.

In June 2003, Dr Wright produced the 1st Draft of BS 8439 “Continuous handling equipment and systems — Guide to properties of powders and bulk materials”


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