Quotation for drilling Rig...for depth 600M depth

Posted in: , on 9. Feb. 2007 - 20:12

We are on look with drilling rig for water well drilling with following silent features,

1.Direct rotary rig ....600 M depth

2. Drilling dia ......600mm dia to 200mm dia

3. Rig combination of Direct cum reverse or DTH.

4.Supply of Drilling rig to be given in North India.

5.Drilling rig to be mounted on Truck, with mud pump,rotary table,kelly civil,pneumatic plus mannual drums,

Propeller shaft with engine,Derrick with loading capacity,Drum shaft,self -generator for welding,

6. Air Compresor mounted on truck for the peration to be quoted along with its Drilling bits 600mm to 200mm,drag bits,MS Bits, SS Bits,Button bits,fishing tools.

Please send the details as follows.





Drill Rigs Etc.

Posted on 9. Feb. 2007 - 10:53

You should contact Claude Kolk at Foremost Industries in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

They manufacture what is referrred to as a dual rotary rig which drills with the well casing the same time the rotary head is drilling.

The drilling system is fully explained on theier web site.

Here is the link: