Conveying low melting, adhesive additive powders

M. Liesenhoff
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Posted in: , on 2. Jun. 2003 - 16:45

We are presently engineering the powder metering package for a new PP/HDPE plant of JV Basell/Orlen in Poland.

Looking for a solution to transport critical additives (e.g. Irganox 1076 stabilizer, Hostastat wax: will melt if subjected to friction and harden if subjected to mechanical pressure) over a distance of 8 m from 1st inlet to outlet of conveyor (total 5 inlets over the length), discharging into a continuous mixer. Operating 8400 h/a. Total 2 off units.

Further requirements:

Dust and gas tight to 20 mbarg (nitrogen blanketing), ambient temp. -25...+40°C, Zone 22 dust explosion hazardous area.

Base design was screw conveyors, involving features like PTFE-linings, water cooling, special flight design..., but we thought also of vibro conveyor, belt conveyor.

Anybody has a technical solution or even good reference for such application? Interested european vendors please ask for inquiry spec.

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M. Liesenhoff

Schenck Process GmbH

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