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Taiwan Power orders another two MacGREGOR coal unloaders

Two Siwertell screw unloaders each designed to discharge coal at 2,200t/h were favoured over traditional bucket unloaders for a Taiwanese power station

The MacGREGOR Group’s Bulk Handling division has won a contract to supply two VST940 Siwertell ship unloaders to the Taiwan Power Company. “This is a significant order for MacGREGOR,” said Per Karlsson, Managing Director, “It was an international bid and the contract was awarded to us in a hard-won competition.”

“Our system was favoured over a more traditional bucket chain unloader and a bucket wheel unloader. The client made an evaluation of operational and maintenance costs, as well as the unit price. When all the figures were summarised, MacGREGOR offered the lowest total price.”

The Siwertell screw unloading system is totally enclosed, making it an environmentally-friendly option. It also has a high unloading efficiency and low maintenance and operational costs.

The new Siwertell units are designed to discharge coal at a rated capacity of 2,200t/h and are scheduled to be in operation at the end of 2009. The vessels that they will unload will be in the range of 80,000 dwt to 150,000 dwt.

The unloaders’ steel structures will be manufactured in Taiwan, with the remaining sections delivered from Sweden. They will be installed on a turnkey basis at Ta-Lin Power Station in Taiwan.

This contract follows an order received two years ago for another two coal unloaders for Hsinta Power Station, which is also owned by the Taiwan Power Company.

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Siwertell coal unloader in Yonghung , Korea, delivered in 2003, similar to the unloaders ordered by TPC.


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