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Insitec LPS can now be tailored for specific particle sizing applications

18 December 2007: Malvern, UK: The flexible design of the Insitec LPS wet process particle size analyzer from Malvern Instruments is enabling the system to be tailored for specific process applications. Incorporating a sampler, pre-diluter, cascade diluter and measurement cell, the Insitec LPS is a fully automated system for measurement of almost any wet stream. Drawing on Malvern’s extensive experience, and in close consultation with the customer, each component is tailored to the specific application. As a result, the system delivers valuable information in industries as diverse as pharmaceuticals and minerals processing.

“The Insitec LPS is flexible enough to handle the vast majority of water-based systems,” notes David Pugh, Process Marketing Manager at Malvern Instruments. “We also offer an Intrinsically Safe (IS) version which extends the applicability of the instrument, and is especially important in the pharmaceutical sector.”

“Excellent corrosion resistance makes the Insitec LPS suitable for use with many different solvents and ATEX approved designs are available. Experience is showing that whether the process stream is a dilute liquid-liquid emulsion or a highly concentrated slurry, the Insitec LPS is a robust and reliable instrument for continuous process monitoring, at- and on-line,” he concludes.

The Insitec LPS measures particles in the size range 0.1 – 1000 microns. It is fully automated and supplied with the Malvern Link software package, which simplifies operation and facilitates integration with existing control platforms. Operating 24/7 it requires minimal manual intervention and provides particle size data at the frequency needed for process control.

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