New Vibratory Feeder from Eriez

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Eriez Magnetics Europe announces the release of a new Vibratory Feeder – the VF Model. Since the company’s acquisition of its UK-based competitor, Boxmag-Rapid, Eriez design engineers have been busy working on a new design of vibratory feeder that would combine the best features of both the Eriez light/medium duty range and the Boxmag-Rapid RC Feeder range. The result is a vibratory feeder which is extremely versatile for feeding and metering dry powders and granules, has a controlled and fully variable feed rate, is dust-tight and water-resistant and is fitted with glass fibre springs to ensure trouble-free life. Feeder trays are offered in a wide range of shapes and sizes to suit a wide spectrum of applications. An optional extra is a self-contained hopper made of sheet metal which has an adjustable feed gate and features low “valley” angle corners for complete emptying. This option is extremely useful where a bulk load of material needs to be steadily metered at a regular rate and under complete control.

The outstanding good news is that the new VF Vibratory Feeder is being launched at exceptionally competitive prices. For more information contact Eriez at


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To make the information reasonably complete, it is better if it also indicates the capacity range, area of application (is it only for granules & powders?), and some salient technical features / specialty.

Meanwhile, wishing the product all the success & Regards,

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