New Plastics Shredder by WEIMA

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Plastics shredder with modular pressing system

WEIMA Maschinenbau GmbH is unveiling its newly developed, modular shredding system at the K 2010 trade fair in Dusseldorf. The WLK series single-shaft shredders come equipped with an interchangeable pressing system, designed to handle a variety of requirements, including lumps, film, hollow moulds.

The system comprises two modules, with the cutting mechanism built around a rotor with various blade sizes and shapes. Three additional pressing systems are also available as an option, depending on the material to be shredded. These include a horizontal slide for shredding lumps, a curve-shaped rocker for handling film, and a diagonal slide for processing hollow moulds.

The modular pressing systems are incredibly quick to replace, making it effortless to tailor the machines to different material flows, even after years of operation. And because there is unrestricted access to the cutting system, cleaning and servicing are quick and easy to perform.

The pressing systems are guided over belt-retaining strips - attached externally for straightforward replacement - and stored on plastic rollers for optimum system guidance and jamming prevention. Furthermore, the pressing system hydraulics installed beneath the machine housing can be fully removed, providing quick access for maintenance work. What's more, the pressing systems are controlled using a position-measuring system.

The new single-shaft shredders are generally equipped with a hydraulically-driven swivel screen basket, a mechanism that helps to prevent jamming of material between the rotor and the inner screen wall. The screening surface around the rotor has also been increased for faster material output, while the reduced size of the individual screen elements make screen replacement easier than ever before.

Single-shaft shredders are supplied in rotor widths of 1000 mm, 1500 mm and 2000 mm, with a rotor diameter of 450 mm, delivering rotational speeds of up to 150 rpm.

Various versions of the new, modular shredding system will be presented at Weima's exhibition booth at the K 2010 trade fair.

K 2010, 27th October - 3rd November 2010, Dusseldorf, Hall 9, Booth A59

For over 25 years, WEIMA Maschinenbau GmbH has been constructing shredding machines for a wide variety of applications, serving customers in the plastic, wood and recycling industries across the globe. The company employs approximately 160 employees worldwide and has sales offices in Great Britain, France, America, Japan and Russia, with more than 50 representatives around the world. The product range includes single-shaft shredders, two- and four-shaft shredders, granulators, briquette presses and systems, and accessories.

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Figures: Single-shaft shredder with modular pressing system (schematic sketches)

(Photos: WEIMA Maschinenbau GmbH, Ilsfeld, Germany)


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