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Tarpon Springs, FL – A-B-C Packaging is introducing a high speed palletizer with a low level construction that gives packagers the convenience and economy of floor level operation with the performance most often associated with high level machines. The palletizer features a novel automatic grouping module that allows layer transfer during product accumulation, effectively staging and stacking layers every 15 seconds (4 layers per minute). Products are repositioned to any required orientation during high speed operation with the servo-operated overhead orienter.

The palletizer runs cases, trays, totes, bags or bundles and offers complete flexibility, with changeover to pre-programmed pallet configurations completed at the intelligent control station, which features an industrial-grade, 8” color touchscreen display. The palletizer can accept product from low level or high level infeed, allowing easy installation in existing line layouts. Its compact footprint and modular design provide reduced installation costs. Built for performance with heavy gauge steel construction, reinforced transfer table, counterweighted elevator table and incorporating a motorized overhead layer transfer, this palletizer is designed for years of low maintenance operation. The low level design ensures easy access to operating parts, and eliminates the need for costly catwalks, platforms, and overhead conveyors.

A-B-C manufactures case erectors, sealers, packers, decasers, bulk depalletizers, and palletizers.

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