New Laboratory Mixer by Littleford Day

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Littleford Day has added a totally new 22 liter laboratory mixer to its product line. The M/DVT-22 has a modular, cast stainless steel construction allowing for easy service and cleaning. The unit is rated for operation at internal pressures from full vacuum to 100 PSIG at 450 °F. The stainless steel jacket is designed for heating and cooling and is rated at 150 PSIG at 450 °F. The 5HP electronically variable speed motor and an optional fixed speed chopper give the mixer enough power and versatility to handle the toughest applications. Several covers are available for different applications, including vacuum operation. The standard discharge is a 2", close mounted, full port ball valve and an optional end discharge arrangement is available. LDI's Patented Filtorr system for liquid-solid separation may be used in conjunction with the end discharge for many applications including impurity removal and extractions. The entire unit is self contained on a rugged, cast stainless steel base that provides excellent stability during operation and cleaning.


* 100 PSIG to Full Vacuum internal operation.

* High speed chopper with 4" blade.

* VFD with digital readout, 50 - 300 RPM.

* Product thermocouple with digital readout.

* Cast V- plows or heat transfer blades.

* Multiple shaft seal configurations.

* Non-rotating drum; fixed connections.


With its convenient size and internal pressure capability, the M/DVT-22 is well suited to a broad range of lab processes as well as small production runs.

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