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The new DELUMPER Model DC2020L features a seamless, stainless steel body, a 20" x 20" inlet and discharge opening and wide mounting flanges for easy connection to systems or hoppers. This straight thru unit is easily installed and quickly goes to work reducing high volumes of agglomerates and lumps to a free-flow condition.

The Delumper 2020L utilizes specially designed teeth mounted on a smooth rotating drum which intermesh with sizing combs. Solids are reduced to their basic grain size without overgrind, heat rise or fines. Lumps up to the full inlet opening size can be processed. The unit runs at low speed and creates little vibration or noise.

Other features include a rigid, dust tight and heavily constructed one-piece stainless steel body, shaft seals, heavy tapered roller bearings, convenient belt or direct drive and individually replaceable teeth. Options include outboard mounted bearing, packing or other seal systems, hardfacing, sanitary finishes as well as controls and full system integration.

The Delumper 2020L is part of a full range of models designed to meet a variety of capacity requirements and process a wide range of materials. In thousands of installations they have proven their dependability and long life. Each unit is precisely built, assembled, balanced and aligned to exacting standards for smooth, reliable operation.

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