Metal Detection Technology for Crusher Protection

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Posted in: , on 23. Oct. 2003 - 22:20

The Eriez Magnetics METALARM Range of Metal Detectors used to protect crushers from tramp metal continues to grow with the introduction of two new search coils.

The first of these coils is the TR-10 search coil which can ignore small pieces of metal without the need for an overbelt search coil which may otherwise be damaged by over-burden situations. Eriez is the only company that can provide this design with its uniform level of sensitivity and performance. Other search coils, which, if set to ignore small pieces, will miss larger pieces of metal on top of the burden, as sensitivity reduces the further away the metal is from the search coil face.

The Model TR-10 consists of two search coil windings mounted at an angle, or vertically, just under the sides of the conveyor belt. The search coil is typically installed mid-way between two sets of idler rolls.

The TR-10 is designed specifically for the aggregate and coal industries to protect secondary or tertiary crushers from tramp metal larger than 51mm on belt widths of 914mm and greater. Moreover, its rugged design makes it ideal for even the most arduous of environments and roughest of applications.

Since all TR-10 search coils are custom-designed, a variable or rather universal version of the TR-10 search coil is under development for launch this autumn. To avoid confusion with the standard TR-10 it will be called the TR-20 search coil and will feature adjustable positioning, both in width and height. The advantage of this universal TR-20 search coil is that it will not only suit a wider range of stringer widths but that it will be available ex-stock, thus enabling very fast customer delivery.

The second significant advance in metal detection is a new type of BR (Bridge) Search Coil featuring a swing top coil for applications where unusually high burdens can arise. Without the use of a swing top coil the top section of the search coil could be severely damaged when an overburden situation occurs.

The swing top coil is manufactured in a high strength, lightweight fibreglass, lined with a stainless steel angle to protect the search coil from direct impact. This search coil is recommended for use where burden heights are variable and on belt widths over 1.2 metres wide.

For further information on metal detection applications within the quarrying and mining industries, please contact Eriez Magnetics Europe at

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