Heavy Duty HDPE Plastic Rollers by Horizon

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Horizon Conveyor Equipment, the UK’s No. 1 leading manufacturer of medium and heavy duty HDPE Plastic Idler Rollers, will be showing the latest range of Heavy Duty HDPE Plastic troughing and return rollers, together with our newly developed Barrel Crowned Return Rollers on stand 34 (ramp) at Hillhead 2003.

Proven in tough conditions over the past five years, the range covers many diameters such as 63.5 mm, 90 mm, 108 mm, 125 mm, 133 mm, 159 mm & 168 mm. The heavy duty rollers at 159 mm and 168 mm diameters have been tested successfully at Power stations, Ports & Large Quarries.

One major advantage with plastic rollers is reduced weight for handling, it can be as much as one third the weight of an equivalent steel roller for belt widths 1600mm and over, with other many advantages are as follows.

Plastic Roller Offers A Low-Cost Solution For Secondary Belt Tracking

The recently developed Barrel Crowned Return Rollers offer users “an effective low-cost tracking solution” where previously there were only a few relatively expensive, specially developed products available in the marketplace. This natural development from the Horizon heavy duty standard idler roller offers an effective solution at about a quarter of the cost of other products on the market.

Alan Bowler, M.D. of Horizon says, “Our ‘plastic’ rollers are now well accepted by the vast majority of users in the British market and, building on our success over the past four to five years, we have also introduced our own manufactured range of steel troughing, return, impact, and disc return idlers for those customers that haven’t yet converted to plastic”. Going back to the Return Tracking Rollers, he says, “It was an obvious progression to develop the crowned idler roller and the results have been beyond even my optimistic assessments. They really do the job efficiently and economically”.

Horizon Conveyors are also well known for an extensive range of Belt Scrapers, Impact Bars, Powered Brush Cleaners, Skirt Clamps & Skirting. With a much larger product range we are doubling our stand space for Hillhead 2003 and expect massive interest in our Rollers.

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