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Destination: Karatsu Port of Saga Prefecture

Rotterdam (The Netherlands), ITL 2003, 4 November 2003 – Gottwald Port Technology, Düsseldorf (Germany), the world's leading supplier of Mobile Harbour Cranes, recently delivered its very first Mobile Harbour Crane to Japan. The HMK 170 E Mobile Harbour Crane is operated by Matsuura Express Co. Ltd at Karatsu Port of Saga Prefecture in Japan.

Mr Masatoshi Mawatari, President of Matsuura Express Co. Ltd is happy about the new equipment: "Up to now we have had to rely on rented cranes. The purchase of the new Gottwald Mobile Harbour Crane paves the way for our entry into the professional cargo handling business," and he summarized the reasons for their choice: "Looking for a flexible and, above all, reliable and proven crane, we were very impressed when we learnt that Gottwald had already sold more than 160 HMK 170 E Mobile Harbour Cranes worldwide. We are confident that we have chosen a tried-and-tested crane design which will significantly help us to increase our productivity. Moreover, putting a Mobile Harbour Crane into operation will ensure we meet the demands of shipping lines worldwide for professional cargo handling.”

Mobile and versatile – the HMK 170 E Mobile Harbour Crane

The HMK 170 E supplied to Japan is a universal crane. Equipped with spreader, motor grab and other types of lifting gear the crane is suitable for many different applications including container, bulk materials, pallets and general cargo. The crane relies on a diesel-electric drive which guarantees excellent efficiency and reliability. The main application at Matsuura Express Co. Ltd will be container handling. Nevertheless the HMK 170 E Mobile Harbour Crane will also handle scrap and other break bulk material including steel plates.

“The versatility of the HMK 170 E makes this crane ideal for our new customer Matsuura Express Co. Ltd and we are confident that Japan is one of Gottwald’s future markets, not only for the HMK 170 E but also for other models from our comprehensive product line,” said Gottwald Port Technology’s Regional Sales Manager Michael Hoberg, responsible for Japan, among other countries. He summed up: "This first order is a sign that Gottwald is successfully pursuing its strategy to conquer new markets and applications for Mobile Harbour Cranes. The new business won in Japan will serve as an excellent reference for Japan and beyond."

About Matsuura Express Co. Ltd.

Matsuura Express Co., Ltd. with its head office in Karatsu, Saga Prefecture in Japan, offers a wide range of services, among others carrier, storage and port shipping services. The port in Karatsu is a vital component in Matsuura's integrated shipping system, offering extensive service in collecting, storing and distributing goods for sea shipment.

About Gottwald

Gottwald Port Technology GmbH, located in Düsseldorf (Germany), is the world’s leading supplier of Mobile Harbour Cranes (HMK series). The company provides a comprehensive line of Mobile Harbour Cranes with lifting capacities of up to 120 tonnes and radii of up to 56 m, including the recently introduced range of rail-mounted Portal Harbour Cranes (HSK series). Through its Automated Port Technologies Division, a multitude of services for terminal operators are available. These services range from conceptual design and operational layout over basic engineering of equipment and systems to Automated Guided Vehicles and Automated Container Stackers. In 2002 the company sold 66 Mobile Harbour Cranes worldwide.

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Gottwald HMK 170 E Mobile Harbour Crane handling steel coils in a European port. A similar unit recently went into operation in the Port of Karatsu, Japan.


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I am looking for this kind of crane, Is there any other info about it?