Delumper® Crusher

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DELUMPER® "L" Series Crushers are well known for their outstanding processing capabilities on a wide range of materials including chemicals, foods, minerals, plastics, pharmaceuticals and more. In thousands of installations, they have proven their dependability and long life.

The Delumper 2020L, is a larger, more powerful unit with higher capacity. With its larger throat opening, this unit easily processes greater volumes of agglomerates and lumps to a free-flow condition. The Delumper features seamless, stainless steel body construction, a 20" x 20" inlet and discharge opening and wide mounting flanges for easy connection to systems or hoppers.

The Delumper 2020L utilizes specially designed teeth mounted on a smooth rotating drum which intermeshes with sizing combs. Solids are reduced to their basic grain size without overgrind, heat rise or fines. Lumps up to the full inlet opening size can be processed. The unit runs at low speed and creates little vibration or noise.

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Re: Delumper® Crusher

Posted on 7. Jun. 2007 - 07:19

Dear Sir,

We required Crusher/De lumper to de lump the 50 Kgs bags of Salt Crystel Size, the partical size will be 10 MM to 20 Mm, and the lump size will be 200 MM to 400 MM.and the material shoud be de-lum with the Bag.

The Bag which contain the salt lump of 200 to 400 shoud pass in to the de-lumper/Crusher @ 2000Bags /hr and further it will be slitted in the Bag slitting Machine.

the Main Consept is to De lump the bag before entering in to the Slitting Machine,

No problem if the Bag gets Damage.

Thanking You sir,

saravana Kumar.P

Manager marketing