Continuous Bag Sealer

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The Saxon Radiant SR1000 is an industrial continuous sealer with a pair of radiant heater bars using the principle of heat transfer by radiation. The heat is radiated from the heater bars to the bag top and penetrates through the outer layer to the inner liner. Pressure wheels compress the two heated inner portions of the bag together to form a permanent airtight seal. A single PID is used to control the sealing integrity by regulating the temperature. Paper bags with a PE coating or with a PE inner liner, bags with a header card, paper laminated or foil bags are all suitable to be closed with the SR1000.

The Saxon SR1000 also features the very attractive advantages as the SH/SB1000 range: a new mainframe with a simplified design and a stainless steel construction to meet the requirements against contamination and pollution. The VFD speed controller (standard) and the electric column meet the requirements for flexibility and a limited workforce.

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Packaging Supplies

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