Coffee Pneumatic Conveying Transporter

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The pneumatic conveying transporter in dense phase type BART ( patented ) manufactured by AIR-TEC system solves in the best way the transport of coffee without degradation and damage.

Capacity of transport : up to 2000 Kg/h, at a distance of 30 mt, with a minimum quantity of air.

Reduced dimensions and high working silence which allow to feed small hoppers in special place. High practicalness and reduced maintenance are the principal vantages which make the poropeller the alternative to the "mechanical conveyors" ( like belt or screw conveyors ).

It is not necessary to install the “cyclon” for the throwing down of powders.

The control panel is efficient, safe, and simple to used with alphanumeric display.

Some plants installed:

LAVAZZA, pipeline 30 mt, 800 kg/h

KRAFT, pipeline 80 mt, 6 Ton/h

STA impianti, pipeline 12 mt, 1200 kg/h

General concepts:

The conventional pneumatic conveying system is a high-pressure conveying system. It is also mainly suitable for conveying fine powders: granules, abrasives and non-abrasives; hard-to-convey materials: siliceous sand, refractory materials, soda ashed and flying ashes; and finally, for long- distance conveying.

Such conveying system is of the discontinuous type and consists of a “transporter ( BART )”. The operating cycle starts with the opening of a “butterfly valve” located on the upper part of the transporter. At this point, the material starts to flow inside the transporter by gravity. Transporter filling terminates when the “level sensor” indicates maximum product level has been reached inside the transporter. At this point the “butterfly valve” closes.

Subsequently, a “conveyor valve” opens and starts to pressurise the transporter ( BART ). A “pressure switch” determines the reaching of the pressure “PS1” needed inside the transporter to ensure conveying.

This pressure switch is also used at the end of conveying to close the air line at the end of the cycle and allow any remaining air to clean the line.

Basic features of this system are the high air flow at the start and finish of each cycle with low during the cycle itself.

The transporter BART is sold in Kit ready to install. The Kit is complete of:

- pneumatic transporter BART

- counterflange

- automatic control panel

- installation manual

- CE norm.

Same conveyable materials: adipic acid, aluminium hydrate, ashes dry, boric acid fine, bones ground, bentonite, bone meals, ceramic dry fine, coffe ground dry, coffe roasted beans, cement, cryolite dust, calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, gypsum ground, kaolin, lime hydrated, mica ground, mineral black,

pvc powder, potato flour, peas dryed, rice grains, rye meal, sodium bicarbonate, salt dry coarse, sand silica, sugar, titanium bioxide, tobacco snuff, talcum powder, zinc oxide. etc.

On request: construction in stainless steel, loading hopper, depulverizer filter.

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