In Search of Papers by Roberts and Manjunath

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I'm trying to apply the 'Design of Apron Feeders' paper to estimate installed power of an apron feeder. This seems to be one of the most thorough procedures, but I'm finding mistakes in the method.

The paper references other articles, and I noticed the Bulk Solids Handling archives had a significant reduction in papers (of at least I think it did - not sure why).

Does anyone have "Wall Pressure Feeder Load Interactions in Mass Flow Hopper/Feeder Combinations Part I and Part II, from a 1986 Bulk Solids Handling 6 (might be papers 4 and 5)? It's by Manjunath, K.S. and Roberts, A.W.

Does anyone have the Bulk Solids: Storage Handling Flow - A three day lecture course by A. Roberts on June 29-July 4, 1982? Rand Afrikaans University



Papers by Roberts and Manjunath

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when switching to our new content management system/website, I have, unfortunately, not been able to import the articles from the bulk solids handling archive on block. Instead, I will add the articles from the archive piece by piece, whenever the time allows.

I have added the articles by K.S. Manjunath and A.W. Roberts to the Archive and you will find them here and here, respectively.

If you are looking for other articles that have not yet been added to the archive, simply post you request here.


Marcel Dröttboom