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Weir Minerals opens new Facility in Salt Lake City to optimise Fulfillment Speed, Accuracy, and Customer Service

Edited by mhd on 12. Oct. 2023
Salt Lake City (UT), United StatesWeir Minerals, a global leader in equipment and services for the mining and minerals processing industry, has opened a new cutting-edge facility in Salt Lake City, Utah. Strategically located in the heart of U.S. mining country, the new facility provides superior proximity to customers, enabling Weir Minerals to expedite deliveries and reduce lead times significantly.

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Mark Duncan, Bill Fath, Jon Stanton, Ermanno Simonutti, Charlie Stone, and Mathias Kuhrke cut the ribbon at the Grand Opening ceremony. (Picture: ©The Wire Group PLC)

The building was inaugurated by Ermanno Simonutti, Regional Managing Director of Weir Minerals North America, and Jon Stanton, Chief Executive Officer of Weir.

Mark Duncan, Bill Fath, Jon Stanton, Ermanno Simonutti, Charlie Stone, and Mathias Kuhrke cut the ribbon at the Grand Opening ceremony.
Remarking on the occasion, Stanton said, “This distribution center stands as a testament to our vision for the future. It has been meticulously designed and built to optimize operations, streamline processes, and enhance our overall supply-chain management.

“We’re confident that this center will serve as a hub of productivity and enable us to reach new heights in terms of speed, accuracy, and customer satisfaction.”

Ermanno Simonutti addresses attendees of the Grand Opening event.
The state-of-the-art building boasts over 10,000 high-density pallet storage locations, 16 active docks with full safety features, 4 assembly bays, and completed office workspace for 57 people. 

“Our strategy to transform into a mining-focused business that differentiates itself on industry-leading technology and being close to customers has proven successful and has delivered excellent results establishing a solid foundation for growth,” said Simonutti. “Our opportunity now is to accelerate these gains and build on our strengths.”

In line with Weir Minerals’ sustainability commitments, the facility features eco-friendly practices integrated into its design and operations to ensure a minimal carbon footprint. From energy-efficient lighting to responsible waste management, Weir Minerals reinforces its dedication to being responsible corporate citizens and having a positive impact on the environment.

Addressing the future of Weir Minerals, Stanton said: “[The new facility] exhibits the ambition we have as a company and the vitality and desire to continue supporting our customer. It represents the opportunities that lie ahead, the jobs we will create, and the positive impact it will have on our community.”

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