Wear Protection Conference

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Wear Protection for Plants in the Cement Industry

Technical Conference to be held in Berlin and Rüdersdorf from September 20 – 21, 2007

Large quantities of bulk material are handled in a cement plant, including conveying, storing and processing. The different plant components can operate for only a short time without wear protection. Of great importance is the layout of the equipment and the selection of optimal materials for these components. These include ceramic and metallic materials as well as plastics and rubber.

Endangered plant components in cement plants begin in the raw material storage and raw material processing. They are followed by coal pulverizing and coal injection in the rotary kiln. Other sections suffering of wear are clinker handling and clinker grinding as well as handling of additives and of cement.

Improper layout of plant components that handle bulk materials may entail reduced operating periods, re-investment volumes and even unintended interruption of plant operation. The costs associated with such incidents are much greater than the higher expenses for improved technical layout and the use of most appropriate materials.

On the occasion of the above event to be held in Berlin and Rüdersdorf from September 20 – 21, 2007, 8 experts will report on fundamental aspects of wear protection technology, such as: the protection of pneumatic, hydraulic equipment and mechanical conveying systems, on materials used for wear protection and time-tested wear protecting solutions. The direct relation to practical problems and the following extensive discussion of every lecture as well as touring the Rüdersdorf cement plant of CEMEX OstZement GmbH on the 2nd day of the meeting will give specific information for optimizing plant operation and for the planning of most appropriate wear protection measures.

The Agenda

Fundamentals of Wear Protection Technology

Areas suffering of Wear in Cement Plants

Protection of Pneumatic Systems in Cement Plants

Wear Protection Materials used by the Cement Industry

Improved Flow Properties with due regard to Wear Protection

Extended Duty Cycles of System Components in Cement Plants

Tour of Cement Plant Rüdersdorf of CEMEX OstZement GmbH

Time-proven Wear Protecting Solutions in the Rüdersdorf Cement Plant

The Experts

Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Peter Hilgraf, Claudius Peters GmbH, Buxtehude

Dipl.-Ing. Ali Memari Fard, CEMAG Holding GmbH, Hameln

Brian Snowdon, Clyde Materials Handling Ltd., Doncaster, GB

Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang Leichnitz, Kalenborn Kalprotect Dr. Mauritz GmbH & Co KG, Vettelschoss

Dipl.-Ing. Harald Heinrici, Schwedes und Schulze Schüttguttechnik GmbH, Braunschweig

Dipl.-Ing. Peter Fritze, Ciments Luxembourgeois SA (ehemal. Betriebsleiter), Einbeck

Dipl.-Ing. Ellen Wanzura, CEMEX OstZement GmbH, Rüdersdorf

Dipl.-Ing. Dipl.-Kfm. Michael W. Rokitta, Kalenborn Kalprotect Dr. Mauritz GmbH & Co KG, Vettelschoss

Conference languages: German/ English, the proceedings will be available in German and also English. Simultaneous Translation is offered in case of sufficient demand.

Evening Event September 20th including a Visit of the Pergamon Museum

additional opportunities Sightseeing Tour Berlin and Sightseeing Tour Potsdam Sanssouci on September 21st and 22nd 2007.

The conference addresses:

Engineers specialized in process engineering, in particular from the cement industry, but also from mining, power plants, the iron and steel industry, mineral recovery and processing, plant builders and component suppliers, wear protection experts, material scientists, material testing institutes, experts in the above trades.

Please contact:

Brigitte Doleschel-Krug

Haus der Technik e.V., Essen

Tel.: 0049/201/1803-244


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Wear Protection Conference

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Please find the pdf of the agenda for the

Wear Protection Conference