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BAUMA 2007

Time-Proven Wear Protection Solutions for Construction and Mining

Material Combinations with Metal and Ceramics from one Single Source

The German company Kalenborn offers a comprehensive range of wear protection materials for proven solutions in basic industry worldwide: these also covers solutions for the construction industry and international mining.

The product range includes materials of mineral, ceramic and metallic wear protection as well as materials made of rubber and plastics. The Kalenborn range for metallic wear protection is comprehensive:

- KALMETALL-W hard overlay welding with alloys of very high chromium and carbon content applied on a tough base material of structural steel or special steels

- KALMETALL-C hard casting, chromium or manganese casting characterized by high sliding wear resistance and high impact wear resistance respectively

- KALMETALL-HM hard metal, sintered tungsten carbide shapes with a good hardness/toughness ratio which are soldered on a tough base material.

- sprayed-on KALMETALL-S hard metal; these are very hard plasma sprayed layers of a nickel chromium alloy with an optimal addition of tungsten carbide which are sintered on a tough base material

- KALMETALL-HB hard steel, a low alloyed steel having been given a special thermal mechanical treatment

Solutions making use of KALMETALL-W hard overlay welding have been particularly successful for the construction and mining industries. Kalenborn KALMETALL-W covers a complete range of solutions. They include hard overlay welded standard plates of

different steel and welding qualities, finished structures that are made up of hard overlay welded plates and a comprehensive welding service. The construction industry prefers mixers lined with KALMETALL-W hard overlay welded plates. Some of the advantages offered by KALMETALL-W linings for mixer bottoms and outer walls are listed below:

- large plate segments

- speedy installation

- varying thickness of the overlay welding and thereby identical service life for all plant components.

There is no better choice than KALOCER high alumina ceramics for mixers exposed to extreme wear. Typical examples are mixers for e.g. concrete. The main constituent of KALOCER is aluminum oxide Al203, with particle size and size distribution having been specially matched for high abrasion resistance. The pressed components are sintered to achieve their extreme hardness.

The use of material combinations is of particular benefit for plant operators. It allows to use materials of maximum hardness in zones of greatest wear and cost effective materials for areas exposed to moderate wear. This results in solutions that are highlighted by both technical and economic optimization. Typical examples for material combinations in mixers are the following:

- ABRESIST fused cast basalt

- KALMETALL-W hard overlay welding

- KALOCER high alumina ceramics

- KALEN slide promotion plastics

Mixer blades are exposed to significant wear as well. It is of great importance to select the correct material for the specific application. This selection can be made from an extensive range of products. Material combinations are a successful option. Mixer blades that have been lined with a combination of KALMETALL-HM and KALOCER high alumina ceramics have performed well.

Kalenborn KALFLEX pipe bends are also highlighted by their flexibilty. The core of the system is wear resistant segments that fit into each other and which are capable of moving in relation to each other. The segments are enclosed in a fabric reinforced rubber jacket that provides the required stability and tightness. The wear resistant segments may either be KALMETALL-C hard casting or KALOCER high alumina ceramics. KALFLEX bends also suggest themselves for use as vibration dampers or expansion joints.

KALCRET hard compound is characterized by particular flexibility. These cement bonded wear protection materials are based on inorganic materials of great hardness and good abrasion resistance. The specific quality of KALCRET is warranted by the exclusive use of high strength hard compounds such as bauxite or corundum as well as the use of well balanced micro and nano silica. KALCRET is available as trowelled, cast or sprayed-on compound. The trowelled and sprayed-on material enables overhead working without any difficulty. KALCRET is adapted to the specific geometry of the plant components during

lining: in most cases the lining is free of joints. KALCRET attains high strength and abrasion resistance after no more than 8 hours. The sprayed-on KALCRET-S can be applied over large surfaces at a rate of more than 5 m per hour (25 mm layer thickness).

Kalenborn will present recent experience and solutions in the field of wear protection and exhibit their complete range of products at the upcoming BAUMA 2007 in Munich, Germany:

- ABRESIST fused cast basalt

- KALCOR zirconium corundum

- KALOCER high alumina ceramics

- KALSICA silicon carbide ceramics

- KALCERAM hard ceramics

- KALMETALL-W hard overlay welding

- KALMETALL-C hard casting

- KALCRET hard compound

BAUMA 2007 will be held in Munich from April 23rd to April 29th 2007. Kalenborn will be pleased to welcome you in Hall B2, booth no. 102.

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