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Focus Works Inc. consults on Ingredient Batching Systems, Batch & Ingredient Lot Tracking, and Ingredient and finished goods inventory control.

Focus Works has a Proven Track Record of Improving Quality, Reducing Costs, and Solving Problems!

Focus Works Inc. provides unique out-of-the-box software for factory automation. Our products are designed for the non-technical customer who needs a straight-forward solution that works. The purpose of our software products is to provide a short return on investement for manufacturing in the following industries: Food and Beverage, Commodity Chemicals, Specialty Chemicals.

Focus Works` goal is to provide automation software that is easy to understand and implement with a minimum of programming. Our products are tested and work right out of the box. All products provide a dollarized value to the customer and have a return on investment of six months or less. Focus Works` products are sold through a network of Software Distribution, System Integrators and OEM`s ( Original Equipment Manufacturers ).


PRIMS ( Production Recipe Ingredient Management Software ) for ingredient batching and lot tracking, and production scheduling and execution through PLC controlled equipment that provides a ROI in 6 months or less by:

Eliminating bad batches

Reducing wasted ingredients due to over-scaling

Recording and eliminating operator errors

Controlling production scheduling

Provides lot tracking for Title III FDA compliance

Tracks, records, and reports all scaling deviation for ingredients

PRIMS-CISS (PRIMS Computer Integrated Scaling)

PRIMS-CLT (Computerized Lot Tracking)

The Nutshell Scada Report Writer- is an easy-to-use module that enables the programmer of SCADA applications to deliver a superior report writer while requiring no additional programming.

SmartDraw- is the World's Most Popular Business Graphics Software. It's graphics software for everyone. SmartDraw makes it possible for non-designers to create compelling business graphics.

The Vehicle Order System- tracks the sales of vehicles in an easy-to-use, multi-user database. It gives the entire sales force a real-time view of all sales orders, resulting in less paperwork and less mistakes.

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