Dr.-Ing. Hayri ERGUN

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Dr.-Ing. Hayri ERGUN

Independent Consulting Engineer

Erdemir Cad. 62/2

Kdz.-Eregli/, Turkey

Tel.: +90 372 323 15 67

+90 372 322 76 22

GSM: +90 532 507 95 93



Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Enclosed you find a short resume in English.

Companies I am representing are included in the attached file.

Sufficient information about my activity proofs, international patents and publications you find in https://who.bulk-online.com/oldwhoredirect/1314

From January 7th 1980, for the duration of 23 years, I was active in the iron and steel mill Eregli in Kdz. -Eregli as a director for research and development of the raw materials and as a senior engineer for coal and coke preparation plant.

I am a graduate of the TU Clausthal, Germany (1970) in the field of mining engineering with emphasis on processing and graduated in Clausthal on the 27th Nov. 1975 with a dissertation over the direct reduction of coal-iron ore mixed pellets. On October 3rd, 1991 I accomplished my habilitation work to the University Docent in Turkey.

In the years 1975-1980, I was project- manager of the DKS-formed coke production in Wakayama in Japan with the Co. Sumitomo Metals Ltd., in collaboration with the firms Didier engineering gmbh in Essen, Germany and the Japanese firm Keihan-Rentan in Osaka, Japan.

Since my retirement of the steel mill Eregli on March 28th, 2003, I have been working for four years as an independent consulting engineer.

I imagine collaboration with you as a representation in Turkey.

For the discussion of the details as well as also for a personal conversation I expect gladly your back - answer.

I am looking forward to hearing from you,

With kind regards



Dr. H a y r i E r g u n

Personal Information

Date and Place of Birth: 15.03.1948, Beyehir

Marital Status: Married

Military Service: Completed


Iron and steel production related research and development work in Germany, Japan and Turkey.


1965-1970MSc, Mining Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical, Metallugical and Mining Engineering, TU Clausthal, Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Germany

•Diploma Project. Continuing investigations to the depohosphorisation of the concentrates of the iron ores from the district Moncorvo/Portugal by means of Flotation. Dissertation, Inst f. Processing, TU Clausthal, 1970

197O - 1972Turkish Coal Mining Enterprises, Project Engineer, Ankara/Turkey

1972 - 1975 Doctorate in Chemical Technology and Fuel Technique , TU Clausthal, Germany

03.10.1991 Degree of Assoc. Prof. in Mineral Processing from the Technical University Istanbul


Dec.1975-Jan.1980 Process Engineer, Didier Engineering GmbH, Germany

• Development of Formed Coke Technology DKS Didier-Keihan Rentan & Sumitomo Metal Ltd., Wakayama, Japan

Jan. 1980-Oct. 1982Eregli Iron & Steel Works, Inc., Kdz.-Eregli

• Managing Director - Research and Development – Raw Materials

Oct. 1982-Sept.1986 Eregli Iron & Steel Works, Inc., Kdz.-Eregli

• Research and Development – Iron & Steel Making

Sept.1986-March 1987 Eregli Iron & Steel Works, Inc., Kdz.-Eregli

• Chief Engineer Coke Oven By Product Plant

March.1987-March 2003Eregli Iron & Steel Works, Inc., Kdz.-Eregli

• Chief Engineer Coke Oven Coal and Coke Handling Plant

March 2003-Present

• Independent Consulting Engineer

Industrial Representative as Independent Consulting Engineer :

• Industrial Representative ….. Willi Wader GmbH, Germany

• Baxo GmbH Germany

• IMS GmbH, Germany

• EIRON GmbH & Co. Germany

• GERCHI, China

• Windhoff GmbH, Germany

• Nisterhammer GmbH, Germany

• Gogas GmbH, Germany

• Schaefer & Urbach Germany

• Hugo Miebach

• IMTEX, Japan


• 9. 6. 1981 United States Patent, Process for Producing Coke.US 4272323

• 21. 7. 1981 United States Patent, Process for the Termal Treatment of Coal. US 4280033

• 4. 8. 1981 United States Patent, Process for Microwave Radiation. US 4282066


• Turkish (Native), German (fluent), English (fluent)

• French & Japanese & Arabic (working knowledge)

• Computer Skills: Operating Systems & Others: Windows 2000/XP, Linux, MS Office, Lotus Notes


• Member of Verein Deutscher Eisenhüttenleute VDEh (1985),

• Member of Turkish Mining Engineers Association TMMOB (1970)

• Member of Foundation for the Development of National Mining


Available upon request

For more information, please visit:


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